SugarSync is no longer free; I need an alt

SugarSync sent an email to me yesterday saying that it's no longer a free service and made my account a trial, and has given me 60 days to pack and leave otherwise I need to start paying the rent.

Which is fine, honestly, I think it's a pretty good business idea, plus the people paying will now get better service because the frugal people will no longer be wasting bandwidth.

Anyway, I use SugarSync for my fap folder, some people might find that weird, funny, sad, I don't know, but it means I can sync the pics to my iPhone and iPad, with little effort, and can have the folder saved for offline if I don't have Internet. The main idea is if I'm away from home and going somewhere without Internet.

I'm definitely not paying for a 60GB account at something like $70/year. That might be a good deal, I don't know, but my fap folder doesn't even need 5GB. Maybe I'd pay for 5GB at a nice low cost, but I don't need 60GB.

SugarSync worked best, because I can sync a whole folder, and just click a couple of buttons to update the folder so that it'll download new files. Dropbox can't do this, you can only offline individual files, also that's my general cloud storage thing, so I don't want fap pics there. Box is the perfect can't swipe through pictures, you can click a pic, then you need to go back to the list and click another, you can't just swipe from pic to pic.

I tried a couple of others like SpiderOak and AmazonCloud, but I couldn't get either to work. Other options would be SkyDrive, but that doesn't do offline, and 'Copy', but that also doesn't do offline. I think there are more which I tried but don't do what I need.

So, are there any cloud storage services which have iOS apps similar to SugarSync? Basically I need to be able to save whole folders to my devices along with the ability to swipe through pics.