Rando (Let's have a "Rando Day" each week)

The app's been around for a while now (A bit over a year I think) but I've only just discovered it.

tl;dr - I'm thinking we could have a "Rando Day" post each week, maybe Sunday so that you have the time to take/receive some pics over the weekend. Double tapping pics allows you to save them. What do people think? :)

It's really cool: you take a picture, and in turn you get a picture back. The picture you took goes to anywhere in the world, and the picture you receive comes from anywhere in the world (They're not replies; it's unlikely you'll send a pic and it'll reach the person who you just received a pic from).

If you enable location services, you'll see where your picture ends up and see where you received pics from. The location isn't exact coordinates or anything, just a dot on a tiny map, I think it's safe.

You can also rate the pics using macaroni; the more bent while yellow it is, the more you/they liked the pic, the more bent while mouldy it is, the less they liked the pic. It's not actually macaroni (Actually, maybe that's what the devs were going for), it's a smiley face. But it looks just like macaroni, so we'll call it that!

There's not much else to it, it's all anonymous and stuff, the question you're definitely asking is "What about dick pics?", don't worry! It's not reached that demograph yet! Play with it while we can without the NSFW stuff!! But, there is a report button so do use that if you get NSFW pics.

So what do people think?! A Rando Day! Here are some screenshots.

Rando (Let's have a "Rando Day" each week)

These are received pics, denoted with the arrow pointing down in the top left. When you tap them, you get where they came from on a map (Right pic), the red dot is the location. And then there's the macaroni, my rating. The red button opens the camera.

Rando (Let's have a "Rando Day" each week)

Then here's ones I've sent, denoted by the arrow pointing up in the top left, and again tapping them opens the map but this time it shows where they were delivered to. Then you've got the macaroni, the receiver's rating.