Striving for the best game graphics

If you read a recent post I made, you'd know I'm not all that game savvy, so forgive me for this.

I think striving for the very best graphics in games is a waste of time, comparing and nitpicking between settings/hardware, I'd go so far as to say that some of these people need to "get a life".

Why? Because some people seem to spend more time checking graphics than actually playing the game. I did say in that LAN party post that the most interesting part for me was comparing the graphics between the laptop I was using and the gaming PCs my friends were using, so I guess this is a rather hypocritical and ironic post to make, but I'm talking about comparing very very subtle differences between say the PS4 and Xbone. Are you really going to choose between the Xbone and PS4 over the fact that one is missing a texture in one of the screenshots you saw?

I understand going from medium settings to high settings, that's taking a leap, but something like "slightly more refined shadows" is just a tiny step and you're definitely going to be more focused on the action than the goddamn shadows if you ever actually get a chance to play the game. It seems to me like a ploy by the gaming companies to get you to spend more on hardware.

From a very casual gamer's perspective: Don't spend time trying to get the very best little particles to show up on the wall and spend more time actually playing the game.

But, at the end of the day, honestly live how you want, don't let other people like me tell you how to live your life. This post is just intended to share my thoughts.

Edit: I want to say that I'm not attacking a whole userbase, I'm just sharing my thoughts on a certain group of people who will spend time nitpicking graphics. As a casual, games aren't really a huge part of my life so it's not really a problem but on the Internet you really can't ignore the gaming community.