Android (Root) - Xposed For Lollipop ARM64 Devices (Experimental)

Sometime after Xposed Framework dev Rovo89 brought out his Official Alpha version of Xposed for Lollipop 5.0, there have been 2 other developments. One of those is an experimental and unofficial version of Xposed that will work on arm64 devices, including the Nexus 9 (which the dev tested on), compiled by XDA dev… » 4/24/15 5:17pm Friday 5:17pm

Will you buy an apple watch?

When I heard about this at first, I thought “This is bullshit. It’ll be like those watches that played pac-man,” which is cool but not work paying between 350 and 17,000 or so. Then I saw a commercial with all these tiny bits of information flashing on screen and the consumer part of my brain flickered with desire.… » 4/24/15 4:39pm Friday 4:39pm

Michigan folks can recycle computers,TVs and more for free April 23-25

For the eighth year in a row, officials from the U-M Office of Campus Sustainability are hosting their free annual e-waste recycling weekend at Pioneer High School and the State Street Commuter Parking Lot in Ann Arbor from Thursday, April 23, through Saturday, April 25.

» 4/24/15 7:07am Friday 7:07am